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Ramps by

available in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, & 6-foot lengths

The single-fold ramp for scooters and all wheelchair types. Designed to bridge the gap over steps, curbs, and raised landings. The 5- & 6-foot Suitcase ramps may be used with most minivans.

Simply unfold the hinged ramp and position for maximum safety and support. Folds in half to be carried like a suitcase. Made of aluminum and features a durable, non-skid driving surface.

Side Door

Designed for quick and convenient access to the minivan side door. The solid full-width design accommodates scooters and wheelchairs. The Van Mount ramp easily installs (using only 3 bolts) to the van floor using the specially designed mounting plate. Ramp is manually operated and lightweight, requiring only 25 pounds of lifting strength. Simply open van door and pull ramp out to extended position.

Made of high-strength aluminum and features a non-skid driving surface. 800 pound load limit.

available in 1-, 1 1/2-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, & 6 inch heights

For scooters and wheelchairs. The EZ-ACCESS™ Threshold is a lightweight yet durable modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. Threshold ramps may be used either one by itself or two combined to make entry and/or exit convenient and safe. Simply measure the height of the door entry and choose the correct size.

Constructed of extruded, anodized aluminum that will not rust or corrode. Features a durable non-skid driving surface. Easy installation.

available in 8ft. length

The multi-purpose ramp designed for scooters and all wheelchair types. The PLATFORM 8 makes mini and full-size vans accessible, while also acting as a semi-permanent ramp.

Extending from 4 1/2- to 8-feet in length, the 30-inch wide ramp provides a safe and solid driving surface. Features two platform sections that connect to create one telescoping section that slides easily and allows the ramp to be used at various lengths.

Made of anodized aluminum and features a durable non-skid driving surface.

available in 7, & 10ft. lengths

Designed for manual and/or power wheelchairs. Two telescopic channel ramps each extend to be used on steps, vans, or curbs. For storage, simply pick up each rail and depress the guide buttons to collapse.

Constructed of sturdy, anodized and extruded aluminum, these individual tracks offer the lightest weight and most compact storage of any ramp in their length class. Features a non-skid driving surface to provide greater traction, even when wet.

available in 3- and 5-foot lengths

For scooters and all wheelchair types. Designed to bridge the gap over steps, curbs, and raised landings.
The ROLLUP offers a full-width driving surface that is lightweight and durable. Designed for maximum portability, the patented hinge design makes the ROLLUP convenient to store and set-up.
To use, simply roll out the non-skid track and attach the side rails for rigidity. Once in place, the side rails add strength and act as a bumper guide for maximum safety and support. For compact storage, remove side rails and simply roll-up the ramp section.
Made of aluminum and features a non-skid driving surface.

available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 foot lengths

Featuring a seamless non-skid driving surface, the PATHWAY ramp is a safe, secure and ideal for scooters, walkers wheelchairs, canes, and crutches.

Heavy duty and extra wide, this 36" ramp features an 850-pound weight capacity and easily accommodates wider chairs.

Extruded aluminum and powder coated handrails (optional) give a clean and modern appearance that will coordinate with any home. This lightweight ramp is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent home access.