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Bath Systems By

All images provided by TherapyTubs.com

Features of a Therapy Tub
Enjoy a Warm, Comfortable Bath
Everything about our Walk In Tub is designed to give you the freedom to bathe--on your own--in safety, comfort, and convenience. The unique side door swings open to let you walk right in and sit down, and comes with a lifetime no-leak guarantee.

Chair-High Seat for Comfortable Bathing and Easy Up and Down
The contoured raised seat, a full 17 1/4" high, means no struggling to get down or up. Plus, our walk in bath is nearly twice the depth of regular tubs for true soaking comfort.

Jet Massage System Option with In-line Heater Turns Your Bath into a Spa
The optional Jet Massage System turns our Walk In Tub into a relaxing, therapeutic spa, soothing tired muscles and aching joints. You'll look forward to bathing while experiencing the health benefits that come with a warm soak and a swirling massage. There's nothing quite like the gentle pulsing of water on tired muscles and joints. Imagine relaxing in the swirling warm water and how good you'll feel afterwards.

Air Massage System
The air sytem delivers thousands of warm soothing air bubbles through 20 individual air jets positioned around the seat and foot well. These air bubbles swirl up through the water and around the bather for a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Total Massage System
The total massage system is a unique combination of our hydro jet and hydro air therapy massage. Having both air and hydro-massage systems in the same tub creates a truly unique bathing experience - one that is not only relaxing but aids in relieving muscle and joint pain.

Walk-In Bath Models
Home Living Solution's Walk-In Bath Models come in three different widths, two different colors and are available in right and left hand versions.

Model Numbers Colors
3150L - 31" White
2950D (coming soon)
2950C (coming soon)

Curbless Shower Pans Colors
6048L White
6048R White