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MediTek 140 Stairlifts

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Toggle or Remote Control Operation
» Control of your MediTek stairlift can be effected either by use of a simple, user-friendly joystick located in the arm of your choice, or alternatively the stairlift can be controlled remotely by means of an infra-red hand-held transmitter that requires no unsightly control boxes or cables.

The MediTek stairlift contains electronic circuits to control the ride, this means that there is no jolting or lurching of the stairlift as it starts or ends its travel. This gives a smooth ride throughout, adding to the feeling of safety and stability.

Seat Swivel: Manual or Automatic

At the flick of a lever, the easy-to-use swivel chair can be manoeuvred into the 45° or 85° position and back again. The essential Seat Offset Feature ensures a safe and easy access to and from the stairlift away from the top of the stairs.

The optional powered swivel chair is the ultimate choice for comfort and freedom of movement. At the touch of a switch, the user is able to move into the parked or swivelled position with total ease.

Touch Sensitive Safety Covers

As standard the MediTek 140 comes complete with touch sensitive safety covers which are designed to prevent trapping hazards. Should the stairlift make contact with any obstruction on the stairwell, in either direction, movement of the covers will result in the immediate suspension of travel in that direction. The stairlift will still travel in the opposite direction to allow the obstruction to be removed.

Unique ICCC Charging System

The MediTek 140 includes as standard its own unique ICCC charging system; this is an exclusive feature of the MediTek range of stairlifts. Unlike other battery operated stairlifts, the MediTek 140 will remain on charge regardless of the park position, this means that if you want to leave the stairlift anywhere on the rail this does not present a problem, it also ensures that your stairlift is always charged and ready for use.

Electronic and Mechanical Braking Systems

The MediTek 140 is fitted as standard with electronic and mechanical fail-safe braking systems to ensure that an uncontrolled decent of the stairlift can not occur.

Visual Diagnostic Display

The MediTek 140 has a digital diagnostic display mounted on the upper face of the unit. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring a simple telephone call to you stairlift provider can determine if an engineer call-out is necessary.

Below to the visual diagnostic display is a rocker switch, this can be used to isolate the power supply to the lift, yet it will still allow the stairlift to accept charge.

MediTek External Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlift Solutions
» If you are looking for a stairlift for outdoor use, we have an extensive range of products which can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

MediTek's outside stairlifts are suitable fo up to 100m of travel. Our outdoor stairlifts have been installed worlwide from the Swiss Alps to the citrus gardens of Israel. 

External Cover Coating Protection

» The MediTek External Stairlift range comes prefinished in an outdoor weather resistant-coating to help keep the look and finish of your stairlift longer.

Our external stairlifts utilise the same quality components from our latest MK1G research. An outdoor stairlift from MediTek Stairlifts might be the solution you have been looking for.

Safety Features
Collision Damage Protection (CDP)
» Many Stairlifts today have little or no essential carriage protection should a collision occur. MediTek Stairlifts feature a Total Surface Protection (TSP)™ to provide unprecedented levels of protection, safety, and peace of mind. The new TSP technology continuously monitors all the carriage and footrest leading surfaces so a controlled emergency stop can be activated should an obstruction be encountered.

Continuous Battery Charging With No Trailing Cables
» MediTek's unique continuous charging system eliminates troublesome trailing cables or rail end charging stations and ensures the stairlift is charged regardless of where it is parked. This is essential for long battery life (similar to your car) and low operational costs. The time and money saving "Plug & Ride" option overcomes the need for disruptive wiring by simply using a convenient power socket.

Diagnostics Display Panel

To allow a diagnostics without an engineer, MediTek has developed a time and money saying Self-Diagnostic System which can both identify and clearly display any fault which may occur, or report its operating condition.

MediTek Ltd, an English company, provides stairlifts and accessories to the global market. MediTek maintains the highest level of safety, operational effectiveness, and above all, quality.

Enhance your home and independence with MediTek's elegant and stylish new stairlift and realize the full freedom of your home with dignity.

Meditek is pleased to introduce its exciting new compact Staiflift which has been designed to meet the needs of the most discerning user's world wide. With its increased power and class leading control technology you can be assured of the smoothest and safest ride available today.

The introduction of this new and extensive stairlift range further increases MediTek's renowned and unrivalled offering of the highest quality and reliability at a surprisingly competitivve price.