Unique ICCC Charging System

The MediTek 140 includes as standard its own unique ICCC charging system; this is an exclusive feature of the MediTek range of stairlifts. Unlike other battery operated stairlifts, the MediTek 140 will remain on charge regardless of the park position, this means that if you want to leave the stairlift anywhere on the rail this does not present a problem, it also ensures that your stairlift is always charged and ready for use.

Visual Diagnostic Display

The MediTek 140 has a digital diagnostic display mounted on the upper face of the unit. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring a simple telephone call to you stairlift provider can determine if an engineer call-out is necessary.

Below to the visual diagnostic display is a rocker switch, this can be used to isolate the power supply to the lift, yet it will still allow the stairlift to accept charge.

Range of Optional Equipment Available

A large range of optional equipment is available to the MediTek 140 stairlift, including Platforms, Hinges, Seat-footrest linkages, Powered swivel seats etc. Information about these accessories can be found in the accessories section of this site.

As the MediTek 140 is powered by a DC electric motor and the drive is achieved via a rack and pinion system, the stairlift is extremely quiet during operation.