Folding Hinge Tracks

In situations where the stairlift track might obstruct a doorway or passageway such as at the foot of the stairway, a folding (hinged) section of the track may be supplied as an option. An ingenious design places all of the required moving components neatly and unobtrusively within the folding section of rail.

This not only ensures an easy-to-clean, sleek and slender design, but also safety by eliminating any external moving parts. The track is available in two options:

Manual Hinge Track

The manual Hinge Track is an easy-to-use, counterbalanced, folding section of track that can be positioned by hand to either operational (down) or folded (up) position.

Powered Hinge Track

The automatic, electrically-powered folding hinge track is the ultimate in ease of use. This powered version allows the track to fold up automatically as you ascend the stairs, and then automatically fold down into the operational position as you descend the stairs.