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Lift Systems by

The P-440 portable Electric Ceiling Lift is designed and built specifically to wishstand the rigorous demands of hospitals and nursing homes. This lift is also ideally suited to homecare applications where quality, reliability, and performance, rather than price, is the key concern. The P-440 portable incorporates numerous industry exclusive features including one of the highest standard lifting capacities available anywhere at 450 lbs. An optional lifting capacity of 600 lbs is also available.

The unique 6-point sling attach system with auto-leveling side bars creates the safest, most comfortable portable ceiling lift system on the market. The auto-leveling side bars help to evenly distribute the patients weight and drastically decreases premature wear of the lifting strap. The "shoulder-width" configuration means that even large patients can be accommodated without the usual pinch points or forehead/motor contact associated with traditional portable lifts.