IMI Inc. offers full service periods for all products as well installation and consultation services on any type of project.


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Available Services:

Our goal at IMI is to provide the best service and the best equipment in the industry all rolled into one well-rounded company. We are your one stop full service shop to facilities, caregivers, and individuals for mobility and accessibility services and equipment.

The first and most crucial service that we offer is our consultation and our personnel. We will meet with you in your home or facility to assist in assessing your needs or your clients needs.

Because our goal is to provide the best possible special needs environment, we understand that the modifications necessary and we supply and install the best equipment in the industry.

At IMI, we believe in quality people and quality equipment. We have assembled a grouping of the best of the mobility and accessibility equipment industry.

Home Modifications:
Often times, the needs of your home or institution require a comprehensive knowledge of both residential construction and mobility related equipment, so here at IMI we are proud to say that our installers have the experience and training for such sensitive applications. Above all else, the safety of our products is our first priority.

While we are an independent dealer of high quality equipment, we still realize that our commitment to quality does not end at installation. Should your equipment malfunction in any way, we will personally repair or replace any part at little or no cost to you.